About me

As an Atlanta based artist, I am showing the world what love looks like by capturing it in visual imagery; Serving visually as daily reminders through unique means of self expression and joy. The mission is to encourage lasting love and bring people together to inspire and empower. This is done through custom bridal illustrations, live event fashion sketching, portrait art, fashion design, freelance design, and hand made goods such as painted scarfs, jars and other services products I offer. 

My interpretation of the world is most clearly expressed through visual media. I am inspired by history, the world, and culture I look towards these things for inspiration in fashion and creativity across all projects. I'm an artist designer and Illustrator interested in creating unusually beautiful things in unexpected ways. I also love portrait drawing and abstract art. 

I am a one stop shop for art and fashion services and products. One thing that drives me, is that I see art and fashion as one in the same. They are both visual expressions so why should they be treated differently? Let your passion flow and evolve into something long lasting and empowering. I would love to help you along in your creative journey!