Collab Project With ATL Fashion Week.

Hi all! How do you like my new website first of all! It's a rebranded and upgraded version of what I had before but with a better understanding of what it is I'm putting out in the world! I hope you love it as much as I do! Without further ado this blog will have fun updates, useful information and product reviews as well as regular posts on collaborative projects and recent artwork, starting with my most recent event being featured at ATL fashion week

I've recently discovered and partnered with a company called Ragtrade of ATL and Fashion in Atlanta whom every year have been putting on fashion week in Atlanta a new fashion experience in the industry and displays fashion in Atlanta!  With the film industry booming here it only makes sense to have fashion growing as well. I am excited to see what Atlanta develops into through programs like this! The designers featured were amazing.  Shout out to my top fav was the finale designer Sylvia Mollie. @Sylviamollie So many beautiful fabrics and silhouettes. It reminded me of my own aesthetic. It had a hint of an architectural feel and also was very glamorous. 

The highlight of the week for myself was of course the night Fashion in Atlanta and Ragtrade featured me for a night of fashion sketching. Which was SOLD OUT!!! It was a blast sketching the very fashionable guests of fashion week in Atlanta and I just loved seeing what all everyone wore. It was fun seeing everyones reactions to my speed gesture drawing. They were all surprised when I didn't have to have them standing the whole time. As an artist I just take a snapshot in my head and draw from memory. I remember almost every thing visually through photographic memory so it makes capturing the style really easy. Here are some pictures from the event provided by the amazing photographer Price Williams/ATLpics.Net Have some fun photographs from the nights events! 

It was also amazing being featured on the red carpet backdrop the night of the fashion shows. 

Some Raw photo's from the event

Snapshot from the Sylvia Mollie Show!  I just loved all the sculpted shapes! Great Job! 

Snapshot from the Sylvia Mollie Show!  I just loved all the sculpted shapes! Great Job! 

Stephanie Gentry